Analytical Approach in Problem Solving

analytical approach in problem solving

The Training Methodology

  • Immersive – (Group Discussions, Games, Case Studies)
  • Perceptive – (Film-based sessions, group activities)
  • Concerted – (Participants will be involved in a 60:40 ratio)

Who Will Benefit From The Course- Approach in Problem Solving?

  • Any One

Time Duration

  • 1 Day

Cost redution, imporve delivery time, Implement lead

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Analytical Approach Course Content

  • Problems – Kinds
  • Problems – Solution Meter
  • Problem-Solving Environment and Culture Building
  • Definition of Problem – way to go…
  • Six Methods of Problem-Solving
  • Five Problem-Solving Processes
  • Twenty Problem-Solving Tools, Strategies, and Techniques
  • Cause and Effect & Root Analysis
  • Seven Methods of Analysis
  • Diagnosis and Prediction of Problems
  • Cost of Poor Quality. Quality Conscience
  • Suitability, Sustainability, Feasibility and Acceptability of Solutions Check
  • Case Studies
  • Brain Storming
  • Use of Metrics – Methods of Data Collection and Analysis
  • Locus of Control
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Communication of Solutions
  • Reports, Documentation and Feedback Analysis
  • Usage of Post-Solving Data

Analytical Approach Course Objective

  • The goal is to learn how to solve problems of Approach in Problem Solving in a systematic manner taking the whole system into consideration.  The endeavor would be to acquire skills on how to form teams for problem identification and finding a solution through a structured analytical process and also to know how to implement the solution.

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