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Grow your Business Systematically

Greendot management solution is a highly trusted brand in India that specializes in implementing proven strategies and systems to boost organizational performance in sales and marketing. We excel in practical implementation to create highly preferred and professional brands. Our expertise lies in identifying and improving gaps in sales and marketing management systems to enhance customer growth, satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

Understanding what customers truly desire and what motivates them to make a purchase is crucial for sustainable growth. By prioritizing customer needs and leveraging our extensive practical knowledge in sales, marketing, and research, we can assist you in building an organization that is customer-centric and focused on achieving growth.

If you want to grow your business, you need System .

Challenges that Industries face in sales and Marketing

1. No clarity about the business model
2. Irrelevant marketing strategies
3. Less output of sales promotion activities
4. Incompetent sales team
5. Poor sales performance
6. Less inquiry conversion

7. Poor monitoring of sales activities
8. Unorganized complaint handling
9. More competition less profit
10. Not focus on customer expectations
11. Poor presentation of products
12. Customer dropout is more

Cost redution, imporve delivery time, Implement lead

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Greendot is always the right choice to improve your organization's performance in marketing and sales promotion as we understand the problems very well and help you to convert them into opportunities. Our experts work for you to design develop and implement or improve.

1. Business model
2. Marketing and sales promotion strategy
3. Customer relationship management
4. Enhancing sales team competency
5. Performance criteria for growth
6. Incentive scheme to boost sales

7. Strategy to improve order conversion ratio
8. Changes in sales and marketing style
9. Developing a brand strategy
10. Improving value proposition
11. Customer loyalty scheme
12. Customer complaint management practices

Our Methodology

As we are India’s leading Consultants, our methodology to work with you is designed in a scientific way. Our step-by-step approach will assure you the result that you want.

  • Step 1: Process mapping to identify the gap in the existing system
  • Step 2: Presentation and agreement on the gap identified
  • Step 3: Design and development of strategy, process flow, procedures and policies, and its approval.
  • Step 4: Training and implementation with defining responsibilities and deadlines.
  • Step 5: Focus on sustaining by routine verification and follow-up.

Effective Training Program to Grow Your Business.

  1. 9 key components formula
  2.  Battlefield to the boardroom
  3.  How to build a brand
  4.  Negotiation skill
  5. Presentation skill
  6. Sales pitch
  7. Customer relationship management
  8. Cold calling techniques

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