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What defines an effective leader?

Dynamic leaders excel in people skills and the ability to create a motivational environment. They focus on their vision for their organization, and they communicate clearly defined goals to the people in their organization. They value their employees and customers and genuinely listen to them. Effective leaders are organized and focused and they keep their commitments.

Most companies are filled with average producers. How can they be turned into effective leaders? NINJA Productivity Improvement has the answer!

By helping companies evaluate their strengths and opportunities and maximize them, NINJA Productivity Improvement  bridges the gap between potential and performance.

You might already know what changes need to be made in your organization. But like many other leaders, you need a process to help make these changes. That’s where NINJA Productivity Improvement  excels! NINJA Productivity Improvement  offers proven strategies for success.

The message is clear! Companies must make dramatic changes and accelerate the development of their people to compete in today’s fast paced, streamlined market – or face the possibilities of being left behind. NINJA Productivity Improvement  has a track record with its unique process… Companies working with  achieve measurable results with an immediate return on their investment.

Detail About Training

Effective Management Development program you are about to begin is designed to build on and to enhance all of the natural positive qualities of managerial leadership you already possess.

This program makes use of your inner strengths at a much faster rate than you are likely to achieve on your own initiative. Personal Productivity, As you concentrate on the skills and attitudes necessary for success as a manager, you will begin to practice them on an automatic basis. To receive the greatest possible benefit from the program, plan to follow it exactly as it is designed.

It will lead you step-by-step through a systematic consideration of the skills and attitudes that will bring you exciting achievement.

Training Method


Effective Management Development is designed to allow busy people to absorb and use program content quickly The lessons can be recorded for and quick review. The convenience of a portable program lets you commute, as you dress or prepare for work in the morning, as you relax at home. or at a time you reserve at work. In other words, you can read at any time when your hands are busy but your mind is not Consequently, the maximum benefits at the program may be enjoyed with the investment of a minimum amount of time. 

Multisensory Perception

Each of the five senses performs a specialized function in providing knowledge and understanding of the world. Although all five senses are important, most people receive the majority of there information though sight and hearing. Personal Productivity, Effective Management Development makes use of the visual sense through a printed text and involves hearing though the recordings (if recording done).

A third sense – that of touch – is also brought into play through the use of writing as you note in your lesion manual the ideas that occur to you as you read and as you develop your plan of action in writing

The impact of multisensory perception increases dramatically the amount of knowledge you retain and have available for automatic use

Spaced Repetition

The third effective learning technique employed by Effective Management Development is spaced repetition — We learning technique that provides a head start in establishing effective habits.

Set a regular, convenient time to read to the program material If your schedule vanes how day to day. you can still take full advantage of the program by daily exposure to its materials. Make a schedule be-low for the time you will give to using the program. 

Read to the Lesson One every day for a week.

Then go to Lesson Two read to each successive lesson every day for a week. Psychologists estimate that most ideas must be presented at least six times before they are fully accepted, internalized, and capable of being transformed into actual behavior. Read the lesson every day for a week gives you the advantage of spaced repetition.

Each time you read the lesson, you will hear its ideas from a slightly different point of view because each day in your life different. Ideas that did not seem particularly applicable the first time you heard them may be the exact information you need today to deal with a current management situation. 

Management Plan of Action

The heart of the Effective Management Development program is the Plan of Action It provides a comprehensive. step-by-step process for developing your own program of goal setting for business success You may glance through the plan of action to become familiar with its layout, but do not try to imagine at this point how you can use it or how you will ever write on all of those pages You will learn to approach management through small progressive goal setting steps.

You will incorporate your values, your business mission, and your priorities to accomplish significant goals. As you learn to apply the ideas and principles in Effective Management Development, you will be surprised at the ease with which you reach your goals through a written Plan of Action.

You have decided to invest in yourself and your success by using the Effective Management Development program This is an indication that you desire to grow as a person and to achieve greater success as a man-ager Success must be defined in meaningful personal terms it you are to use your unique talents and abilities to reach challenging goals.

Training Topics

  1. How to Become Effective Time Managers
  2. Set your Productivty goal and achieve it
  3. Imrpove productivoty by controling priority
  4. lead and manage your team Effectively
  5. Effective Communication for productivity improvement
  6. Productive Deligation.

Training Method

Interactive Online Training Sessions

Training Duration

3 Days

Training Content

  1. Time Management Strategies
  2. Goal-Setting Techniques
  3. Prioritization Methods
  4. Mindfulness Exercises
  5. Motivation Boosting Tactics.

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Training Objective

  1. To help individuals develop a personal productivity system
  2. Achieve their goals with less stress and more fulfillment.

Who should attend Training

  1. Anyone who wants to improve their personal productivity
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Professional
  4. Student

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