Procurement Management

Procurement management means being on time every time. In the current era of intense competition, organizations place significant emphasis on productive and cost-efficient manufacturing, resulting in a transformational shift in the role of procurement. It has become imperative to identify and enhance existing practices to unlock numerous advantages within supply chain management.

Greendot, being experienced in working with more than 1000 various types of industries scenes 1999 being the most preeminent brand, we have proved our expertise in developing and implementing globally accepted procurement management practices throughout India.

Challenges found in industries

1. More on a single vendor
2. Trust issues for procurement
3. Material is not received on time
4. Excess inventory increases inventory carrying cost
5. No MOQ – BOQ concept
6. Long process cycle

7. Inaccurate data or information
8. No strategic procurement
9. No system for vendor approval and evolution
10. No tracking of order
11. Delay payment of upset supplier relationship

Cost redution, imporve delivery time, Implement lead

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Greendot is a perfect choice to improve the performance of the procurement management system and to create an opportunity to resolve procurement-related issues. You can assure the Desire outcome from it. Our experts can help you to design, develop, implement, or improve

  • Procurement strategy
  • Vendor approval system
  • Vendor evaluation system
  • Tracking of procurement order
  • Purchase invoice validation system
  • Procurement policy
  • Material stock management
  • Organize material storage system
  • Min Max inventory control
  • FIFO or LIFO inventory management
  • ABC analysis of inventory

Our Methodology

As we are India’s leading Consultants, our methodology to work with you is designed in a scientific way. Our step-by-step approach will assure you the result that you want.

  • Step 1: Process mapping to identify the gap in the existing system
  • Step 2: Presentation and agreement on the gap identified
  • Step 3: Design and development of strategy, process flow, procedures and policies, and its approval.
  • Step 4: Training and implementation with defining responsibilities and deadlines.
  • Step 5: Focus on sustaining by routine verification and follow-up.

Training Programs

  • Just in Time – JIT
  • First in first out -FIFO / Last in first out – LIFO
  • Inventory Management principle
  • Vendor approval system
  • Procurement management system

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