Production Planning and Control

What Does Production Planning and Control?

For Know What is Production planning first we Understand production planing. To run a manufacturing unit smoothly and cost-effectively, it's crucial to have a well-integrated planning of product and control system. This system ensures efficient utilization of resources, and effective management of inventory, and addresses the challenge of low productivity. It begins with product design and finalizing the production process to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.

In order to achieve production goals, optimize resource utilization, maintain quality, and reduce costs, production planning involves scheduling, dispatching, inspection, quality management, inventory management, supply management, and equipment management. Production control ensures that the production team meets the required targets and effectively manages resources. Planning and control are vital for the success of an operational unit.

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Production Planning

Production planning is a component of production planning and control that involves determining what products to make when to make them, how many to make, etc. It involves taking a long-term view of overall planning of production. Therefore, the objectives for planning of products are as follows:

  • Make sure you have the correct amount and good quality of raw materials, equipment, and other necessary items available during times of production.
  • To ensure capacity utilization is in tune with forecast demand at all times.
  • The organization can consistently deliver products on time.
  • The supplier is informed well in advance of the requirement of raw materials.
  • It reduces investment in inventory.
  • It saves money by reducing production inefficiencies.

Does the planning of products take care of two basic strategies? Planning of product and process planning. Production planning is done at three different time-dependent levels i.e., long-range planning dealing with facility planning, capital investment, location planning, etc.; medium-range planning dealing with demand forecast and capacity planning, and lastly, short-term planning dealing with day-to-day operations.

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Production Control

Production control looks to utilize different types of control techniques to achieve optimum performance out of the production system to achieve overall planning of product targets. Therefore, the goals of production control are as follows:

  • Regulate inventory management
  • Organize the production schedules
  • Optimum utilization of resources and production process
  • Ensure a smooth flow of all production processes
  • Ensure production cost savings thereby improving the bottom line
  • Control wastage of resources
  • It maintains the standard of quality through the production life cycle.
  • Nature of production ( job oriented, service-oriented, etc.)
  • Nature of operation
  • Size of operation
  • Production planning and control are essential for customer delight and the overall success of an organization

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