Power Of Positive Thinking

power of positive thinking

The Training Methodology Of Power Of Positive Thinking

  • Power Of Positive Thinking Participatory (Group Discussions, Games, Case Studies)
  • Experiential (Film-based sessions, group activities)
  • Cognitive (sessions using Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience & Popular Culture)

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

  • Anyone

Time Duration

  • 3 To 4 Hours

Cost redution, imporve delivery time, Implement lead

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Course Content

  • How to positive thinking
  • Why positive thinking require
  • Characteristic of positive thinking
  • Source of positive thinking
  • Tools of meditation

Power of Positive Thinking Course Objective

  • Make yourself as positive thinker –  Time can sail past for some people and drag for others. which of the two applies to you depends mostly on your attitude. Use the this to make your plans successful, and even the most distasteful of takes will seem painless.
  • Make sure you do at least one thing every day that you enjoy.
  • Read a passage by your favorite author the last thing at night.
  • Concentrate on your colleagues ‘ and clients’ positive attributes.
  • Use an organizer to list weaknesses then plan how to combat them, one by one.

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