What is the Meaning of OEE? ( Overall Equipment Effectiveness  Meaning )

What is OEE

What is the Meaning of OEE? ( Overall Equipment Effectiveness  Meaning )

There are three parameters for Overall Outfit Effectiveness) monitoring- What is OEE?

  1. Availability,
  2. Performance
  3. Quality

What is OEE ( Overall Equipment  Effectiveness)?

  • OEE ( Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is an indicator to judge product run in terms of machine Productivity, product rate & quality rate of the product.
  • For TPM ( Total Productive Conservation) and Spare Manufacturing programs, OEE is a key metric.
  • It’s an important specific of capacity planning, material planning, and other resource planning.
  • OEE is also popularly known as TEEP ( Total Effective Equipment Performance).
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a Spare Manufacturing Tool
What is OEE
Overall Equipment Effectiveness - OEE

What’s the Availability rate?

  • Availability failure,
  • Material deficit,
  • Redundant change over timing, etc.

What is the Performance Rate?

  • Performance shows the redundant time taken for manufacturing as compared to standard operating timing.
  • The performance takes into account Speed Losses.
  • Speed Losses include any factor that leads to operating a product with further cycle time than the maximum admissible.

Exemplifications of performance losses

  • Low speed of job loading/ unloading,
  • Fatigue of the driver,
  • Redundant cycle time in homemade work, etc.

What’s Quality Rate in OEE?

  • Quality shows the Good Quality of the Product
  • It takes into account the losses ( loss due to the manufacturing of a bad part).
  • Quality loss can only be present due to the manufacturing of an imperfect part or non-conforming part.

Cost redution, imporve delivery time, Implement lead

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